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Block Insulation - Core-Fill 500 can be used to insulate concrete block, either by side or "pressure fill" or by top fill application. It provides the highest R-Values among all integral insulations systems, including perlite, vermiculite or "inserts". 6", 8", 10" or 12" CMU are easily insulated in both running or stacked bond wall systems.

The pressure fill application, the most common installation method, requires small holes to be drilled directly into the bed joints of the masonry wall. Pressure filling generates a complete fill of the masonry cores, head joints and bed joints as the foam moves up and down the vertical core and horizontally through the head joints of the wall system.

1 A series of small holes are drilled into the mortar joints every 8".
2 The foam flows through the entire cavity and web.
3 Holes are patched once the wall is properly filled.

Masonry Cavity Fill - Core-Fill 500™ completely fills the cavity between double walls, fascia walls, utility brick wall systems or cosmetic walls systems, producing excellent sealing around conduit, fixtures, pipe chases and fittings while still allowing the wall to weep as constructed. Core-Fill 500™ can provide R-Values comparable to or higher than rigid board insulation, without the potential problems of toxicity and flammability, or the well known difficulties of fitting board seams around obstructions in the wall system (such as masonry ties, pipe chases, windows, etc.) or the failure to properly tape or apply the manufacturers specified adhesives to the rigid board.

Commercial/Industrial Retrofit - Commercial and industrial buildings can be easily retrofitted with Core-Fill 500 foam insulation to enhance thermal and/or acoustical properties. The ease with which Core-Fill 500 foam insulation can be installed makes it a cost-effective choice, especially for buildings that would require extensive renovation with other alternative types of insulation.

Precast, Hollow-Core Panels - Core-Fill 500 is an ideal choice for the filling of hollow cores found in a variety of precast concrete panels. These panels can be insulated either at the manufacturing facility or on-site during the installation process.

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