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Core-Fill 500 is a superior insulation material for use in commercial and industrial construction and has excellent thermal and acoustical properties. It is a two-component system consisting of an amino-plast resin and a catalyst foaming agent surfactant. These two components, when properly ratioed and propelled by compressed air, produce a foam insulation having the appearance of shaving cream.

Performance Characteristics

Core-Fill 500 is a fire-rated, Class A building material for use in concrete masonry blocks, brick cavity wall systems and for cavity spaces between brick and blocks. It sets cold in 10 to 60 seconds upon leaving the application hose nozzle and does not expand any further, so enclosed spaces may be filled without pressure build-up. Before setting, the foam flows easily to fill the total cavity regardless of its shape or the presence of obstructions such as pipes, wires, conduit, trash in the wall or electrical boxes.


Core-Fill 500 offers proven performance as an insulating material. It combines a superior R-Value with the unique ability to completely fill and seal voids - a true advantage when dealing with masonry construction.

Core-Fill 500 deadens sound very efficiently, and because it is applied under pressure, the foam fills irregular spaces with ease. Core-Fill 500 does not settle or escape if a penetration in the wall is made (unlike loose-fill insulation products), thus remaining effective for the life of the building.

Most important, it is cost-competitive with any other masonry insulation method. In addition Core-Fill 500 complies easily with all relevant codes and standards (SBBCI, BOCA, ICBO, DOE, HUD, EPA, ASTM and others). Since it contains no polystyrenes, polyisocyanurates, polyurethane or petrochemicals, it offers superior fire safety characteristics and is completely safe for the environment.


No surface preparation is required. The foam is mixed and then applied continuously from the applicator hose. One of the biggest advantages of Core-Fill 500 is that it is typically installed after all wall sections have been completed. This allows the brick or block mason to work uninterrupted, thus shortening construction times and costs.

Suggested Uses

Core-Fill 500 is an essential part of any construction project that values long-term energy savings and acoustic shielding. It has been specified again and again by architects for such prominent companies as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Safeway, Kroger, Publix, Eckerds, Food Lion, Ingles, Harris Teeter, Circuit City, Lowes Hardware, Advance Auto and Discount Auto Parts. It has been used in schools, churches, prisons, banks, hospitals, and industrial manufacturing facilities. Use Core-Fill 500 wherever an insulated vertical space is of importance to the finished product.

Usage Notes

Although easily applied and light in weight, Core-Fill 500 is not recommended for ceiling or attic applications. It will not support compressive loads, nor should it be used for flotation.

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